Top Magnetic Resistance Exercises to Try at Home

Top Magnetic Resistance Exercises to Try at Home

Most people use electric exercise bikes for their fitness and workouts to stay more active in their lives. There are mainly two types of exercise bikes that you’ll find, and from there, magnetic resistance bikes are the ones that are most popular nowadays.

These magnetic resistance bikes are designed for better workouts and fitness. Moreover, these bikes use the power of magnetism and are controlled by electricity flow and a flywheel to change the resistance level in your bike. Therefore, it will enable you to perform practical fitness exercises.

In this guide, you’ll know everything regarding the magnetic resistance exercise bikes and how you can choose these bikes for better fitness. So, keep reading till the end.

Magnets Vs. Belts: Which One is Better?

As we already know, there are mainly two kinds of exercise bikes that provide resistance while paddling, and due to this intensity of resistance, you “feel the burn,” which helps you cut down excess fat and help you stay fit.

So, the cheaper of the two kinds of exercise bikes is the one that uses a tension belt. This is just a temporary physical solution, and you can’t even increase or decrease the resistance levels to make the paddling harder or cool down.

These are significant reasons why most gyms use magnetic resistance exercise bikes over tension belt exercise bikes.

Moreover, magnetic resistance bikes use electricity and magnetism to provide variable resistance since the magnets repel and attract each other, depending on the charge of the poles.

Furthermore, electricity can also affect magnetism, which makes the magnets either more attractive or repulsive, giving you the liberty to set the resistance according to your preference.

These are the reasons why magnetic resistance exercise bikes are the best choices for many people.

Magnetic Resistance And Its Flywheel

To make your magnetic exercise bikes more helpful, you need a flywheel. Flywheels resist changes in their rotational velocity–the speed at which they turn.

When you paddle a variable resistance bike at its basic setting, you provide the energy on the paddles to overcome the resistance. This energy comes from the activity of your muscles, which helps you burn calories.

Availability Of Virtual Riding

The pre-programmed computerized system in these bikes adjusts the current and resistance so that it can imitate ridings like:

  • Riding on flat terrain
  • Cycling up to steep slopes
  • Riding down the slope and many more

Therefore, with this computerized system, you may achieve the workout you like by just turning a dial or pushing a button, adjusting the resistance scale according to your preference.

Top Magnetic Resistance Exercises to Try at Home

Benefits Of Magnetic Resistance Bike

Magnetic exercise bikes can be used for general fitness training, sports training, lower limb rehabilitation, and cardiovascular stress testing.

Fitness: This exercise bike is ideal for essential wellness, as long as it is used regularly. It can be used at home for physical activity, improve athletic performance, and build muscle without causing joint damage.

Moreover, combining this exercise with an adapted diet can also help in fat loss and weight loss.

Lower limb rehabilitation: If the magnetic exercise bike is used to rehab a lower limb due to an injury or surgery, seating comfort is more crucial than pedaling force.

Therefore, the semi-recumbent position is also appropriate since it relieves pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and alleviates back pain.

Cardiopulmonary exercise test: These magnetic exercise bikes are used to determine a patient’s maximum cardiopulmonary function, and this should be done under the supervision of a cardiologist.

How To Choose The Right Resistance Bike?

Here, in this section, you’ll know about the ways you can choose the right magnetic resistance bike for your fitness.

Below are some of the facts that you need to consider before purchasing your desired exercise bike.


Determine which additional features are essential to you. Among these are:

  • Water bottle holders
  • Dumbbell holders
  • Heart rate monitor.

There are magnetic exercise bikes with reading shelves to keep your mobile phone or books while you cycle. In this way, you can enjoy watching videos, listening to music, or even reading books.


Whether or not your bike is connected with a video screen, a good display will indicate:

  • A combination of your heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • Speed
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Time and distance.

According to many specialists, the display must indicate the resistance level as it’ll help you set the resistance level according to your preference.


Exercise bikes have numerous moving parts that can be dangerous, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Furthermore, assure that your exercise bike is securely locked and out of reach of young ones, and also keep small children away from equipment that does not have safety locks.

Maintain a safe distance between your exercise bike and children while it is in use.

Bottom Line

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes are indeed very useful for your fitness. However, most people don’t know the facts they should consider while purchasing their magnetic resistance exercise bikes. That’s why the buying guideline will help them understand all the ins and outs of getting these exercise bikes.

I hope this article will now guide you in knowing all the necessary information regarding these magnetic exercise bikes.

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